Our guide team consists of a group of individuals with everyone of them having over 10 years experience guiding waterfowl hunts. Assembled from the wetlands and duck clubs of California, the Rice Prairie of Texas, and the sloughs and farm ponds of Southeast Oklahoma, Our guides truly are the best there is. 


Our Team


Chris Wilson

Owner/founder of 2 Rivers Hunting. Chris was raised on his family farm in Southeastern Oklahoma, Chris is your all american farmer. Hard work, dedication and long hours have molded him into what he is today. In addition to passing down a lifetime of hunting knowledge, his father has also been a strong influence on his work ethic, and his character. Growing up on the farm has afforded Chris with the opportunity to be out on the land every day of his life. Which has allowed him to be able to blend agriculture production and wildlife habitat development together. Chris began guiding hunters on his property as a side project in 2010. A project that has since developed that into its own standalone business. His family, farming, and Hunting are the loves of his life. 


Tanner Neill

Growing up in North Texas Tanner’s passion for hunting was instilled at a young age by his father and grandfather. He’s a very seasoned and knowledgeable outdoorsman that’s guided all across Texas, from the rice prairies around El Campo, all the way to the stock ponds and wheat fields of North Texas and Southern Oklahoma. He is currently a student at Texas A&M University, where he will graduate in May with his wildlife management degree.


Matthew roseman

Matthew's passion for water fowling began hunting with his father in the rice fields of Katy, Tx.  After relocating to Northern California he spent the next 15 years honing his  hunting skills in the world famous Butte Sink. His time spent in the blinds on the various clubs and refuges has helped him develop the skills necessary to ensure success in the field. He is an asset we are proud to have on board.